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Mon May 8 CCDCC Meeting Presentation

Peter Aller

On Monday May 8, Arif Humayun will be speaking on the sect of Islamism that encourages radical behavior and terrorism and what can be done behind it.

This presentation will be made at the regular Clark County Democrats meeting at the Labor Hall at 2212 NE Andresen Road at 7:00 PM.

The following is an introduction to Arif Humayun:

        Arif Humayun

        Arif Humayun

Arif Humayun is an American citizen, practicing Muslim, and avid writer.  A specialist in comparative religion, Arif is dedicated to understanding what causes radicalization and in advancing human rights.

Born in Pakistan, Arif came to the United States in 1980 to pursue post graduate studies in engineering at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  He lived in Australia from 1989-1992, where he developed his interest in comparative religion.

Arif authored a detailed white paper on radicalism among Muslims after the 2009 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and has written extensively on topics like shari’a, jihad, blasphemy, and apostasy, the radical ideology and the Islamic State doctrine.

Arif’s most recent work, Connivance by Silence, addresses the politically-inspired interpretations of Islam that have crept into the Muslim discourse and inspired radicalization. In Connivance by Silence, Arif explores this topic specifically in the context of Western democracies.

Professionally, Arif manages a global intellectual property licensing business as an employee of a large multinational corporation.  His frequent and extensive global travel has brought him a crystal-clear perspective on the destructive phenomenon of political Islam. Arif is also the president and co-founder of Circle of Peace, an international initiative to strengthen the bonds of humanity and compassion across faith communities. He is also an active member of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition.

Additional information including papers on the subject of Islamic terroists and recommended reading can be found at LINK