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16021 NE Coxley Drive, Room 101
Vancouver, WA 98662


The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

VOTE and...We Can Win!


VOTE and...We Can Win!

Peter Aller


If you haven't voted - Please Do! Time is running out and you want to make sure your vote counts and your voice is heard.

If you think your vote 'doesn't count', be reminded that key elections lately have been won and lost on 100 votes or less; Governor Gregoire, Pam Brokaw, Monica Stonier, and Tim Probst.  Indeed, every vote counts.

There are very important races  - Congress with Bob Dingethal, 17th Rep with Monica Stonier, County Commissioner with Craig Pridemore, and Home Rule Charter Yes.  These issues deserve your vote.

Candidates Endorsed or Preferred by the Clark County Democrats:

Bob Dingethal – Congress, 3rd Congressional District

Monica Stonier - 17th LD, WA State Representative

Richard McCluskey – 17th LD, WA State Representative

Mike Briggs – 18th LD, WA State Representative

Maureen Winningham – 18th LD, WA State Representative

Sharon Wiley – 49th LD, WA State Representative

Jim Moeller - 49th LD, WA State Representative

Craig Pridemore – Commissioner Clark County

Deanna Pauli Hammond - County Clerk Clark County

Doug Lasher – Treasurer Clark County

Tony Golik – Prosecuting Attorney Clark County

Shane Gardner – Sheriff Clark County (Preferred)

Bernard Veljacic – Judge Clark County Superior Court (Preferred

 Prop 1 Home Rule Charter – Yes

Initiative 591 No

Initiative 594Yes

County Advisory 1 – East County Bridge - The Clark County Democrats have not taken a position on this Advisory vote but the 18th LD Democrats urge a NO vote.

If you don't have a stamp, take your ballot downtown to the big red box near elections -

One block east of Franklin in the center of 14th Street

One block east of Franklin in the center of 14th Street

And on Election Day - That's Tuesday November 4 - all of the following locations will provide places to drop your ballot:

There are more Democrats than Republicans in Clark County.  If we VOTE, We Can Win!